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New Post 2/14/2019 9:56 PM
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Character Makeups that Can be Produced at Toram Online  (Portugal)

The annual "Torum Online" Christmas event has also started this year. A big Christmas tree appeared in the map "Nabata's piece" as the stage of the event. If you hang the item "Santa socks" there, gifts from Santa will arrive every day. Furthermore, every time you hang "Santa socks" a specified number of times, you can always acquire luxurious items such as "pieces of a droplet", "drops of resurrection", "avatar tickets". Also, as well as release recipe generation for Christmas limited equipment, special login bonus as well as 2018 new story quest will be added at a later update. Please enjoy Christmas of "Torum Online".

Along with the release of Chapter 5, 3 new maps have been added. All the maps lie under the mystic starry sky but the monsters that are wandering around the maps are very tough and strong. There is a NPC called Fida in the new map; Garden of Beginning and you can sell buy items and use storage system to prepare for the adventure. Also, 9 new recipes have been added at the blacksmiths. The weapons dropped from Knight of Delusion, new additional gears and more.

In addition, the information of a new weapon "spear" that the character can equip is also scheduled to be released on the program. Besides that, a user-participating challenge dungeon battle is also implemented. Two of the tropical vacation of MC Shochiku performing arts will a party with the user and aim at the capture of the dungeon. When Suzuki producer's target scores are achieved, gifts are distributed to viewers. Please look forward to the special feature "Torum Online" to deliver the latest update information as soon as possible. Best and Cheapest Toram Online Gold For Sale - 5mmo.com.

The following is a specific description of the craftsman, because it is very difficult to practice without the difficulty of adding dexterity skills, because the equipment with the same prop level and the item level equipment with lower skill level, the hammer is only 5% to 10%. Even 1 to 2% improvement, no improvement is not impossible, and the hammer props level is 20% to 30% higher than the skillful equipment, so the following is divided into explosive liver type and capital investment to quickly form, bursting liver The type depends on the equipment that can be done.

In "2nd Anniversary Event" held on July 17th at Torran Online celebrating the 2nd anniversary, we will carry out four luxurious projects. "Anniversary Fighter Field" which adds and releases a new battle method, "Anniversary Limited Equipment" which you get when you kill an enemy at a stadium, "The 2nd Anniversary Box" that you can get at the boss monster suppression, login Such as "Anniversary Login Bonus" where you can get great items just by doing it, you can only enjoy it in the 2nd anniversary.

Production Recipes for the limited period of the event has appeared, and you can generate limited equipment of Halloween specifications by collecting material items available for drops from Boss Monsters or Limited "Medal". In addition, we added a new "Hunter skill" and opened level 4 of "Knife skill".

New Post 9/28/2019 5:45 AM
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Re: Character Makeups that Can be Produced at Toram Online  (N/A)

Christmas event is going to be very interesting this year because I have been planning to make https://www.bestbritishwriter.com/ukwritings-com-review/ fabulous since very long. The ideas which you have given us about it are quite interesting.

New Post 2/14/2020 9:51 AM
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Re: Character Makeups that Can be Produced at Toram Online  (N/A)
definately enjoy every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff of your blog a must read blog! isum.com
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