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alled on "all the leade  (United States)



NICOSIA, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- Cypriot marine police rescued 27 Syrian refugees who tried to reach the northern shores of Cyprus from Turkey aboard a speed boat on Tuesday.


A statement said a police launch picked up 27 people from a speed boat in rough seas off the northwestern shores of Cyprus, among them six women and two infants.


One of the women was pregnant and was taken to hospital immediately after the refugees reached a marina at a summer resort.


The Syrians said that they had left Aleppo to avoid the fighting and reached the southern shores of Turkey after an arduous journey.


This was the fifth boat which arrived from Turkey this year with refugees from Syria.


The refugees said the trafficker left them just outside the Cypriot territorial waters to return to Turkey on a water jet ski.


However, authorities believe that the traffickers make their way to the region of Cyprus occupied by Turkish troops and then they return by plane to avoid the hazards of a journey in the open sea.


The Cypriot police said that the refugees will be transferred to a camp near the capital Nicosia after being processed at a local police station.

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PARIS, April 26 (Xinhua) -- Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced on Wednesday that he would vote for the "En Marche" candidate Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election.


Sarkozy, who has not spoken publicly since the results of the first round of voting, said the objective is to block extreme-right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen.


"I consider that the election of Le Pen and the implementation of her program would lead to very serious consequences for our country and for the French," he wrote in a message published on Facebook, "I will vote therefore in the second round of the presidential election for Macron. It is a choice of responsibility which is no way counts as support for his program."


The former head of state considered that the legislative elections in June would be the occasion for the French to make "the choice for a veritable power sharing" in voting for candidates for the right and center put forward by the Republicans party.


"I decided some months ago to withdraw from active political life. I don't have the intention to come back on that decision," Sarkozy said.


He called on "all the leaders of the right and center to gather the energy, talent and competencies" against a situation that he found "exceptional."


"Every other behavior would be irresponsible. Division is not an option when faced with the extreme gravity of the situation in France," he said.


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