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Adidas ACE clothing housing and   (N/A)

Adidas ACE clothing housing and
but the specific time is still waiting for the official announcement. The joint shoes have always been very hot. After the release of Adidas and bape's Lille 4 at the beginning of the year, Adidas came to the middle of the year to create a joint UB with BAPE. So what about the shoes Interested friends may wish to find out about the joint shoes of BAPE and Adidas. BAPE <

brand introduction In 1993, Nigo founded the brand called BAPE, the full name is "A Bating Ape in Lukewarm Water", which means "a comfortable living man", the name comes from the sci-fi movie "The Planet of the Planet" that influenced a generation. Nowadays, it has .yideyide190111 become a well-known brand of Japanese street series. From the founding all the way, <

Adidas ACE

BAPE has always maintained a good relationship with the various brands. Therefore, there are countless brands that have cooperated with them. All the food, clothing, housing and transportation have been co-branded. Xiaobian is a friend who likes BAPE, and some people buy it. The condom of BAPE x DureX. It is reported that it has had a big move with Adidas recently! Adidas NMD R1 x <

Adidas X

BAPE Perhaps everyone's impression is still in the previous Adidas NMD R1 x BAPE. At the time, the adidas NMD XR1 co-branded a total of black and black and green.

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  Forum  Discussions  General  Adidas ACE clothing housing and

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