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You'll be completed with Conquest Part One  (N/A)

After finishing all of the AL, and all the NL, available Missions in Conquest, two Missions will unlock for you which require you to utilize the cards you've earned from Conquest to finish stat-based Missions which the show 19 stubs need to be done in one game. Every one of these Missions will give you 5 percent progress towards the Conquest Program.

After those Missions are finished, you are going to unlock four Missions. Two are stat-based Missions which need to be performed in a single match, and two Exchange Missions, one MLB The Show 19 player Exchange, and 1 Souvenir Exchange. Total those, and you'll be finished with Conquest Part One.

While doing those, and Advancing them in the Conquest Program, then you are also going to be unlocking rewards and cards along the way. Defeating all of 30 strongholds will earn you a 10 Standard Pack Bundle, also completing the 12 concealed MLB The Show 19 player Missions will bring you to a total of 60% completion from the Conquest Program.

More MLB The Show 19 products all in https://www.mmotank.com/Mlb19-Stubs.html

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  Forum  Discussions  Tow-Pac Inc  You'll be completed with Conquest Part One

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