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"Fresh" summer highlights with lemon  (N/A)
Apply the squeezed juice of a lemon to the top coat with a toothbrush - whether from the base or only in length, that's a matter of taste. The amount of strands is also defined according to personal taste. Then simply put in the sun to dry! Their rays stimulate the decolorizing components of citric acid and brighten the hair at the appropriate points. Attention: pay attention to the next time you wash your hair - the acid dries out the hair a little. You can find more tips on hair care here: friseur/haarpflege

Place 20: Just make the wave! This hairstyle for blonde hair, pinned up at the back of the head, looks very special.
Blond - the light figure among the hair colors
Blondes, according to an old song, have "more fun", get more attention and the richer men. The rumor persists that they should have more on than in the head.

What is partially correct, by the way: Although people with naturally blond hair [b][url=]lace front wigs uk[/url][/b] have 150,000 to 160,000 hairs, their hair is above average in number, but this is also very fine. And now put an end to the prejudices about blonde hair and its wearers! Because these people are a minority worth protecting: Most of them live in Europe and Scandinavia and represent just two percent of the world's population.
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  Forum  Discussions  MTC Voyager  "Fresh" summer highlights with lemon

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